Forklift Safety App

Forklift Safety App

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Forklift Safety App is used globally by any business that employs forklift drivers to provide a complete safety checklist and record keeping solution for forklift drivers and the forklifts themselves.

Our smart forms are designed to complement your company's enterprise mobility management needs and increase the productivity of your mobile workforce.

We have harnessed the capability of Apps, the power of the Cloud, and the mobility of smart phones and tablets to deliver paperless solutions and mobile forms that save time and money and improve the workflow of businesses across more than 80 industries globally. We can’t wait to help you too.

"Forklift Safety App is a great tool for our business. The daily check-lists are simple for the drivers to complete, the maintenance records provide a great paperless process and the safety checks provide the compliance and peace of mind we have been searching for. A great all in one solution"

Chris Dobson, Managing Director, Exalt Group, Sydney Australia

Some companies in Australia have adopted the BYOD practice and now have policies in place to cover all types of situations, particularly, to protect the privacy and security of the users and their companies. iPhone Forms make it easier for field agents to open, edit, and update company reports as they can access these documents in real time. Monitoring is made easy too because business owners and managers can track the reports from start to finish, including changes made along the way.

"Congratulations on an excellent tool that has solved a long term problem. We now have all information collected correctly and everything stored in the one location. The health and safety compliance side is a complete bonus to the fork lift maintenance solution. A great product"

Logisitcs Manager, Sydney, Australia

The Forklift Safety App lets you:

  1. Work with or without Internet Connection

  2. Deliver Compliant Report

  3. Generate the Right Reports

  4. Dispatch Jobs to Your Mobile Workforce

  5. Manage Documents in a Safe Environment

  6. Control Documents in Resources e-Library

More information:

Forklift Safety App improves business processes as it automates data collection and management using paperless forms. Assign individual usernames and passwords to your mobile workforce without having to worry about losing your data or someone stealing vital company information. (url:

Forklift License lightens the load of your mobile workforce with user-friendly features integrated in smart forms that guarantee accuracy and efficiency. Deal only with relevant sections and let your mobile forms develop their own direction as the responses are provided. (url:

Forklift Assessment has skip logic that delivers fast, smart navigation through smart forms that allow fixed responses or add other options for flexibility. Gather, store, and update your company and customer data anytime, anywhere. Access paperless forms using any Apple, Android, or Windows Phone 8 mobile device. (url:

Digital Forms that you and your mobile workforce can update using any mobile device make work faster and more efficient. Paperless forms that cost less than a postage stamp per form save you time, money, and effort. Digital forms are now available on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows Phone 8 — we have your device covered. (url:

Forklift Safety Checklist allows users to pre-fill fields in smart forms before dispatching the job to avoid duplicate information on repeat jobs. Use your custom-built web-based management portal for your enterprise mobility needs. With Formitize's Job Dispatcher, you have total control over what your staff are doing and when. (url:

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